Your Questions
May I Join a Protest on Shabbat?

While an action may be halachically permitted, it may not be in keeping with the spirit of Shabbat and is therefore avoided.
What Does "Kvetch" Mean?
It’s an ancient Jewish tradition, dating back to Abraham himself.
Why Is It So Hard to Be a Jew?

The smooth and easy times may be pleasant, but the riches of life come when things take hard work.
The Inside Scoop on the Prophet Ezekiel

Ezekiel spent the bulk of his life in Babylonia, where he envisioned most of his prophecies.
Dealing With Customer Service Infuriates Me!

As I’ve grown older, I have tried to control my temper better and been fairly successful. Unfortunately, there’s one area of my life where I find this infinitely challenging.
The Jealous Neighbor

When the two neighbors would pass each other in the yard, the scholar would throw the crass materialist a look of contempt and hurry on to his holy pursuits.
Faith and Friendship

After all that had happened – the miracles, the exodus, the division of the sea, food from heaven, water from a rock, the revelation at Sinai and the covenant that went with it – the people, yet again, were complaining about the food. And not because they were hungry; merely because they were bored.
Easy Confit Garlic

Shabbat in Jerusalem

This is my G‑d.
— Children of Israel at the Splitting of the Sea, Exodus 15:2
Print Magazine

The rebel is far closer to wisdom than the complacent child—as an ox is more powerful than a lamb.

He needs only a wise person who will guide him to harness his energy.
Then he will bring much good to the world, as the ox that plows a field.