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Who Are the Hebrews?

What does the word "Hebrew" mean? And how did that become the name of the first Jews?
Quiz: Do You Know Enough Yiddish to Order Cholent in Monsey?
Take our 10-part test to see how well you know Yiddish (and have a few laughs along the way).
By the Numbers
13 Jewish Symbols to Know

During the course of our history, many symbols have become associated with Jewish people, Jewish scholarship, and Jewish culture.
38 Folk Sayings From the Talmud

Occasionally, the sages of the Talmud quote Jewish folk sayings which convey great depth and spiritual insight.
7 Jewish Parenting Principles, Inspired by Experience

These 7 Jewish parenting principles can help you go from bearish to bullish on your best long-term investment.
Why Is Inviting Guests Such a Mitzvah?

Bringing people into our space can be quite exposing and maybe even embarrassing, but it is one of the greatest forms of kindness and the epitome of sharing our bounty.
When You Are About to Give Up

Sometimes, doing our bit means going out of our tent, our comfort zone, and demonstrating our determination to do all we can to turn that hope into our reality.
When I Gave My Necklace to a Woman With Cancer

When I follow my inner voice—what I call “a whisper from G‑d”—without question or hesitation, I never know where it will lead.
The Simple Villager Who Wanted to Help

Heartbroken and spent from his efforts, Reb Berel slumped to the ground in abject misery.
Praying at the Kotel

Make that His will should be your will, so that He should make your will to be as His will. Nullify your will before His will, so that He should nullify the will of others before your will.
— Ethics of the Fathers 2:4
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Abraham stood over them under the tree and they ate.—Genesis 18:8
When Abraham stood over them, only then were the angels capable of eating and elevating their food.—Rabbi Dov Ber of Lubavitch

What more spiritual activity could there be than eating, when it is done not only with the mouth, but with the mind?

When a...