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Learning Pirkei Avot: chapter 1, mishnah 13-14
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Learning at the uppermost levels necessitates regimen.
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Dear Rachel
As I’ve grown older, I have tried to control my temper better and been fairly successful. Unfortunately, there’s one area of my life where I find this infinitely challenging.
Jewish Women
More important than what we are covering is what we are exposing...

Dear Readers,

A teenager was complaining because her school had punished her for a misdemeanor, while her partner in crime had escaped even a reprimand. “Since her father is on the school board, they won’t punish her! How can I respect such an unfair system when the principal has no real principles?!”

At the conclusion of the shacharit (morning) prayers, we recite the Six Remembrances....

There’s something that people can lose when they’re out in the front, soaking up all the glory. They can lose their sensitivity to others and the awareness of their own fallibility.
— Nice Guys Finish Last
Handy Household Hacks
Fresh Pillows

To keep your pillows fresh, tumble-dry them once a week for 15 minutes. This will get rid of mites and remove any mustiness. Your pillows will also come out much fluffier.


Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you are locked up.

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Parshat Behaalotecha
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