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Learning Center
Rosh Chodesh
The spirit of Purim permeates the entire month, making it a time of unparalleled rejoicing and good mazal (fortune) for the Jewish people.
Tanya Bits
Where is G‑d? Wherever you reveal Him.
Parshat Terumah
Parshat Terumah
The Magazine
Acts of Transformation
With a little education—and a lot of help, support and advice from friends and others in my life—I decided to take the kosher plunge.
Simply Special
Dr. Hoppkins stayed with me for 21 hours. She did not move from my side and gave me incredible support, and now I finally had another chance to thank her.
Join over 3,000 Chabad-Lubavitch women emissaries and their guests as they celebrate at the annual banquet, the culmination of a five-day International Conference of Women Emissaries.

Dear Readers,

If I asked what would be the one change in your life that could give you the greatest health benefit, how would you respond? Would you say more exercise? Eat healthier? Sleep more? Quit smoking?

Lately, I’ve been reading more and more studies that discuss the health benefits of having interactions with friends, family, neighbors and community members as part of our daily...

Have you ever asked a wise friend for a fresh take on a tough challenge? It’s refreshing to get help from someone who’s not part of the problem.
— My Tree OF Strength
Handy Household Hacks
Dispel Dust on Blinds

Regularly opening and closing window blinds or curtains, helps to dispel dust and makes them easier to keep clean over time.


We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely acknowledge the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

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