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Sometimes, doing our bit means going out of our tent, our comfort zone, and demonstrating our determination to do all we can to turn that hope into our reality.
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Sarah’s Courage: Lesson 7
Community once used stone shelters just steps from the sea
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These 7 Jewish parenting principles can help you go from bearish to bullish on your best long-term investment.
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When I follow my inner voice—what I call “a whisper from G‑d”—without question or hesitation, I never know where it will lead.
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When we ride along the surface, we not only fail to achieve our relationship potential, we fall short of realizing our own.
A pregnant belly is always fodder for anyone and everyone’s input. Funny thing is, the comments are mostly predictable and almost always along the same lines.

Dear Readers,

I met a woman the other day. In addition to being the mother of several children, she had a very successful career. She had worked her way up the rungs of her profession and was now considered one of the top members in this challenging field. She had a no-nonsense look about her, and she appeared smug, almost arrogant.

I met her soon after I had heard gossip about her. A...

Understanding deeply our partners' highest hopes, their darkest nightmares, what they value and where they struggle, takes time and patience.
— Married but Alone
Handy Household Hacks
Clean Chandeliers

To get chandeliers clean, grab a hair dryer and set it on low. Carefully maneuver the dryer around to get the dust off. This is perfect, especially if you can’t reach your chandelier with a feather duster.


You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people you choose to be around.

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